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Enterprise Solutions (Makani Case Studies)

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Financial Services Providers

    MVC Financials, a premier provider of focused news, data and analysis in the financial information marketplace, relies on its networking infrastructure to collect information and analysis from multiple locations around the world.

    Challenge #1: MVC Financials application mix is varied, ranging from Web-based applications to proprietary enterprise data entry systems, distributed business intelligence tools, and various Web-based workflow tools. Exchanging or accessing files, particularly Microsoft Word files and Excel spread sheets, is a critical element of the company's WAN traffic. Delays or impediments to information flow are unacceptable.

    Challenge #2: MVC Financials has offices in the U.S. and around the world. Due to the long distances, application latency is a considerable issue, and bandwidth costs are also a concern. Adding bandwidth capacity is an expensive proposition that would not address the application latency issues that are a result of the large distances between offices.

    Challenge #3: MVC wanted to extend the same level of support to their field staff as their current in-house custom built application. The challenge was to take advantage of their recent investment in Oracle's Enterprise Software Suite.

    Solution: MVC Financials selected the Makani Enhancer™ appliances for its corporate headquarters and branch offices to provide application acceleration, drive productivity, save IT and bandwidth costs, and realize higher ROI. In addition, by deploying Makani's Mobilizer™ appliances at its corporate headquaters, MVC provides fast and secure wireless data access for their sophisticated key CRM applications. Makani saves IT organizations' considerable time and effort while providing them the freedom to choose their set of applications, device, and network.


IT Services Providers

    Innova Consulting is a software solutions provider, with a track record of success delivering software solutions and services to leading corporations around the world. Employing more than 10,000 professionals, Innova is headquartered in India with branch offices and development centers all over the world.

    Challenge #1: Innova Consulting wanted to accelerate important design spreadsheets among its engineering and R&D departments and accelerate other business-critical applications. This would enable a distributed and highly collaborative workforce.

    Challenge #2: Innova Consulting has offices in the U.S. and development centers and offices around the world. Latency is a considerable issue that significantly affects the performance of its applications. Innova wanted to address the application latency issues and improve the response times of its enterprise applications.

    Challenge #3: Innova was looking at ways to optimize the use of its available resources to maximize the return on investment from consolidation of its network and application delivery infrastructure, and to deliver CAPEX and OPEX savings.

    Solution: Makani Enhancer™ appliances provide an extremely powerful solution for Innova to manage its existing network and applications delivery infrastructure. Makani appliances implement the revolutionary Makani Latency Buster System™ architecture that optimizes and accelerates web, voip, ftp, collaborative business and critical enterprise apps. Since deploying Makani, Innova reported up to a 5X bandwidth savings in their network and 5X improvement in enterprise application performance. Moreover Makani consolidates Innova's network and application delivery infrastructure, to deliver substantial CAPEX and OPEX savings.


Healthcare Providers

    Vision Healthcare, a not-for-profit healthcare organization, needed an efficient and effective strategy to provide remote access to internal systems and data without compromising patient confidentiality or reducing network performance.

    Challenge #1: Vision wanted to front-end all the healthcare applications, so users would not be able to connect directly to the infrastructure from the outside. Along with the usual concerns over safeguarding the infrastructure against hackers, viruses, worms, and Trojans, they needed a solution that could comply with the strict privacy standards, a federal law commonly known as HIPAA.

    Challenge #2: Vision wanted access to web and healthcare applications and related data that would enable physicians to check patient status even when away from the organization's healthcare facilities. But finding a way to multiple, disparate servers with numerous layers of authentication was also a significant technical challenge.

    Solution: Makani recommended deploying four high-performance Enhancer™ appliances at two hospital locations. Operating in the reverse-proxy mode, Makani appliances accelerate healthcare applications and content from origin web servers while isolating them from direct Internet access.


Logistic Providers

    DLC is a leading logistic solutions service provider, with more than 2000 trucks plus 3000 trailers serving the North and South America. As it is expanding in its both business size and scope, DLC was finding a greater need to gain visibility and control over its web traffic to eliminate risks to the business.

    Challenge #1: DLC faced challenges integrating a URL and content filtering database with the company's existing authentication system. DLC wanted to gain visibility and control of Web use across 20 office locations, right down to each individual user.

    Challenge #2: Increasing Web use throughout the organization was creating risks for DLC, and their software-based proxy and violations of filtering solutions could not keep up with the end-user experience and performance.

    Challenge #3: DLC wanted all levels of the field personnels to have real-time access to the up-to-the-minute updates and booking reports.

    Solution: Makani's leading-edge Enhancer™ appliances provide DLC with better traffic visibility, web and content filtering, and protocol controls down to the individual user, all without impacting the performance of the Web traffic. Furthermore, by deploying Makani Mobilizer™, the field personnels enter account information in a more timely manner improving overall business accuracy and productivity. Makani Mobilizer™ was selected for ease of integration and to push real-time updates to mobile devices.


Infrastructure Providers

    TRC Corporation is a leading provider of IT infrastructure management solutions for enterprise data centers, small/medium businesses and branch offices, with a proven track record of success by placing its engineering, sales, and customer support personnels as close to their customers as possible.

    Challenge #1: TRC wanted to accelerate extremely important engineering documents among its divisions and accelerate other enterprise applications, unified communications, including those utilizing SSL encrypted traffic such as its outsourced sales force automation application.

    Challenge #2: The second challenge was to protect against malware and Internet threats, enforce Acceptable Usage Policy for its network and Internet access, and control the use of various applications. The company complies with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

    Solution: Makani Enhancer™ appliances provide a powerful solution for TRC to manage its existing network, enable efficient delivery of its business-critical applications, and ensure network infrastructure consolidation, while also providing an extremely flexible path for the future.


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