Makani Mobile Web Platform

Makani Mobile Web Internet Platform Privacy Notice

November 14, 2008

The Makani Networks Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information when you use Makani's products and services, including information provided when you use Makani Mobile Web Internet Platform. In addition, the following describes our privacy practices that are specific to Makani Mobile Web Platform.

Information we collect

  • You do not need to provide any personal information in order to download and use Makani Mobile Web Platform .
  • When you use Makani Mobile Web Internet Platform, Makani servers automatically receive and log your web requests. Mobile Web requests and data sent in encrypted form using an HTTPS connection will not go through Makani. It is possible that a URL or other page information sent to Makani may itself contain personal information. For information about how some web sites embed personal information in web requests, click here.
  • To accelerate delivery of content, Makani Mobile Web Internet Platform retrieves and caches web pages before you request them. Therefore, your Makani Mobile Web Platform cache may include copies of web pages you have not visited.


  • We process your requests in order to operate the Makani Mobile Web Internet Platform. In addition, we may use log information about Makani Mobile Web usage to improve the quality of Makani Mobile Web experience and other Makani services.

Your choices

  • You can disable Makani Mobile Web Internet at any time by following steps explained in the Help Center.

More information

Makani adheres to the US Safe Harbor privacy principles. For more information about the Safe Harbor framework or our registration, see the Department of Commerce's web site.

Further information about Makani Mobile Web Platform is available here.

For more information about our privacy practices, go to The full privacy policy. For questions concerning the product or your account, please check out the Makani Help page.